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Dana, Midland to discuss collaboration

A possible merger for the ELCA schools is not on the agenda

The issue of collaboration between Dana College, Blair, Neb., and Midland Lutheran College, Fremont, Neb., will be discussed when boards of the two ELCA schools meet individually next month. The topic of a possible Dana-Midland merger will not.

Located 24 miles apart, the schools currently have limited academic partnerships, such as sharing a music professor and allowing students to take some courses at either institution. The schools are discussing other faculty-sharing agreements and recently began jointly purchasing some office supplies.

“We are mindful of the need for good stewardship and we welcome opportunities to share resources where possible,” said Dennis Gethmann, Dana board chair, and Sid Dillon Jr., Midland board chair, in a statement. “Each college campus has unique programs and cultures that will be preserved as we endeavor to steward our resources and provide outstanding experiences for ourstudents.”

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