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Minnesotan supplies unusual diapers

Kathe Peterson didn’t think twice about T-shirts—until she found out they were much more useful than she ever imagined.

An array of colorful diapers dry  on
An array of colorful diapers dry on a clothesline in Honduras. They’re made of old, cotton T-shirts, recycled by Kathe Peterson and others in the Northeastern Minnesota Synod and shipped to new mothers in the Central American country.
The member of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Duluth, Minn., learned that with a bit of alterations an old cotton T-shirt could be transformed into a diaper. And while that may not sound like an ideal solution for some, there are plenty of mothers in Honduras in need of crucial baby supplies, diapers in particular.

So began the “diaper ministry,” which has grown to such an extent that this month Peterson is part of a group taking two crates of T-shirt diapers weighing more than1 ton to Honduras.

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