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What's up with supper?

Retreat at Camp Ewalu centers on Christ in the Passover

<BR><BR>Michelle Whitehill (center)

Michelle Whitehill (center) and youth from First Lutheran Church, Decorah, Iowa, help prepare salad for the Seder meal during their retreat at Camp Ewalu, Strawberry, Point, Iowa.

Camp Ewalu, Strawberry Point, Iowa, buzzed with excitement as youth from Lutheran churches in Iowa arrived for “What’s Up With Supper?” The retreat focused on Jesus, the Lord’s Supper and the connections communion has with the Jewish Passover.

The weekend was packed with activities, but the highlight was the re-enactment of the Passover Seder that Moses and the Israelites observed 4,000 years ago as slaves in Egypt.

The youth and adults helped prepare the meal, which included Cheroseth (a Jewish dish of nuts and fruit), unleavened bread, wine (sparkling cider) and bitter herbs (greens dipped in vinegar). The centerpiece was the roasted lamb, which for Christians signifies how Christ (the Lamb of God) was a sacrifice.

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