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Let us pray ...

I was the assisting minister the week after the November elections. Instead of praying for the “newly elected officials,” I prayed for the “newly evicted officials.” We decided at Bible study that they need our prayers too.

Nancy Soucy
Barefoot Bay, Fla.

That was a nice prayer, Pastor. It
“That was a nice prayer, Pastor. It makes me feel bad about voting against your last three salary increases.”
Last year during Lent, we changed the worship dismissal to “Go in peace, remember the poor.” I reminded the assisting minister of the change during the closing hymn, but apparently she didn’t hear me correctly because with a puzzled look on her face she said: “Go in peace, remember the pope.”

Christine Miller
Clinton, Md.

As a visitor from the Lower 48, I was surprised to find St. Mark Lutheran Church, Anchorage, Alaska, praying to “end the violence, war and tourism within our world.”

Beth Bohling
Superior, Neb.

Our then 3-year-old daughter was apparently listening carefully during the prayers at church. When she experimented at home she said, “Lord, in your Mercedes, hear our prayer.” Now we know what Jesus drives.

Karen Rietz
Iowa City, Iowa

I have to admit that before the thing
“I have to admit that before the thing got stuck, the yoke illustration was an interesting addition to your sermon.”
While praying before bed, our youngest son, Caleb, insisted on saying: “Our Father who aren’t in heaven.” I tried correcting him, but he insisted, finally declaring: “Our father is not in heaven, Mom, he’s in the living room watching TV!”

Cindy Herd
Lancaster, Ohio


One of my favorite features of the Leader’s Desk Edition of Evangelical Lutheran Worship is the page number of the funeral liturgy: 666. Truly death is the enemy and Christ has and will put even this enemy under his feet.

David Baer
Whitewood, S.D.

During announcements for the annual meeting of the cemetery committee, a member made this plea to get some younger parishioners interested in helping manage the cemetery: “We need bodies!”

Lisa Miller
Wolverton, Minn.

Can’t argue with that

My husband was talking with our third-grade daughter about the different books in the Bible: the prophets, the Gospels and so on. When he got to the epistles, I asked her if she knew another word for “letters” that starts with “E.” Her answer? “E-mail.”

Amy O’Neal
Columbus, Ohio


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