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Texans think global with mission festival

For the third year, Living Word Lutheran Church, Katy, Texas, held a Global Mission Festival to help participants discover what it means to be global citizens. The festival sold more than $11,000 worth of fair-trade arts and crafts and provided information about mission and service opportunities.

The event included children’s activities and ethnic foods. D.R.U.M., an African rhythm and reggae band, provided the music.

Francis Bok, a survivor of slavery and a refugee from Sudan, spoke at worship. Bok is working to end slavery across the world. “What good is my freedom if my people are still suffering? Slavery is still a reality,” he said, adding that more than 27 million people worldwide live in bondage.

Missionaries Bill and Ann Bruggeman told about serving peopleon both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border through Lutheran Border Ministry.


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