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Transparent faith

Kansas artist tells Bible stories in glass

When it comes to his faith, Maury Berggren prefers to let his art speak for him. And in the last 15 years, he has done plenty of talking.

Maury Berggren says the starburst cross
Maury Berggren says the starburst cross stained-glass window he created for the Leonardville [Kan.] Nursing Home sends his message of faith inside to residents who attend services in the chapel, and outside to drivers who go past the home in the night and get “a blast of color” from the bright star.
That’s because when Berggren took early retirement as a teacher, he hung out his shingle as a renovator and artist.

He has worked for various venues, “but I mainly want to do churches,” said Berggren, a member of Peace Lutheran Church, Manhattan, Kan.

In fact, Berggren’s home congregation also became one of his biggest jobs—18 large stained-glass windows depicting stories from the Bible.

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