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Rural ministry resources

Several synods and seminaries offer specific rural immersions or rural ministry emphases:

• The Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg (Pa.) began the Town and Country Church Institute in 1981to foster effective ministry in small town and rural congregational settings (717-334-6286).

Seminarians Cheryl Walenta (right),
Seminarians Cheryl Walenta (right), Gordon Pace, Jordan Miller and Emily McGinley enjoy a beautiful January day at Gary and Daunitta Buoy’s cattle ranch near Burwell, in the Sand Hills region of Nebraska. The area is known for its grassy sand dunes, some of which are over 300feet tall.
Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn., and Pacific Lutheran Seminary, Berkeley, Calif., cooperate through Shalom Hill Farm to offer graduate theological education within the small town and rural context of southwest Minnesota.

• The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago uses its January term for a rural immersion experience in the Nebraska Synod.

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