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Boys to men

'We have a heart for God'

EQV. That was all the 10 of us knew. Just the name of the ministry. We weren’t going to learn its meaning until we passed through the first phase 12 weeks later, and nonmembers don’t know the meaning. Each letter stands for a Greek word, and the phrase reminds us to be active Christians. Little did we know how we would improve upon our lives.

That was roughly two years ago, when the Bible class passed through the first phase of EQV, a program started by Lutheran Church of Hope, West Des Moines, Iowa, for high-school boys. That phase consists of 12 lessons derived from Psalm 15. Each week for 12 weeks, our group of 10 would pass through one gate (lesson). After those 12 weeks of Bible study, which consisted of daily devotions and accountability with at least two other men, we graduated to the second phase.

In phase two we applied to the real world all that we had learned in phase one. In phase two we did a number of different activities. We had some lessons in graveyards at night. We had sermons downtown at city hall. We listened on hilltops at sunset. We even wanted to have a study on top of the roof of our church at dawn.

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