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In IKEA, Swedes trust

The Swedish home furnishings store IKEA has long provided the world with shelving units, tea lights and meatballs. Apparently, IKEA also provides Swedes with a feeling of more trustworthiness than their church.

A TNS Gallup survey of 778 respondents found that 80 percent of Swedes said they place much or very much trust in IKEA, compared to 46 percent who placed similar amounts of trust in religious institutions.

Volvo (69 percent) and Saab (57 percent) also received higher trust, but the church was higher than the post office (38 percent) and the nation’s Social Democratic Party (32 percent).

According to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Spiegel Online, both of which ran the survey results, 80 percent of Sweden’s 9 million citizens are members of the (Lutheran) Church of Sweden.


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