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'Mystery of Love' for pig farmer, opera singer

At first glance, it’s pure “mystery” what a pig farmer from Minnesota and a Chicago opera singer might have in common. Apparently a lot.

Gary Overgaard, a member of Grace Lutheran Church, Luverne, Minn., and Emily Lodine were seated next to each other on a plane bound for London in 1992. They talked the entire seven-hour flight and connected upon their return—they’ve been married 11 years.

Gary Overgaard and Emily Lodine

They were recently among couples featured in The Mystery of Love, a documentary that aired in December on PBS and sponsored by the Fetzer Institute of Kalamazoo, Mich. “The Power of Forgiveness” will air later in 2007; “Unforgivable?” in 2008.

In his Web bio, Overgaard acknowledges becoming more familiar with opera and classical music, but says he’s not likely to give up country music.

Lodine attends the local Episcopal church but occasionally sings at Grace. In her bio, Lodine said she thought living on the farm would be like Julie Andrews and the hills “alive with the sound of music.” But “she discovered her singing agitates the pigs, so she practices indoors.”


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