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God is good!

Darla Chaffee (right) not only believes God is good—but that others who do, too, will want to join her in wearing their hearts on their T-shirts and baseball caps. The member of Faith Lutheran Church, Waconia, Minn., started a clothing business last September, which offers causal wear with the logo “gig God is good!”

 Darla Chaffee
A Sun Country Airlines flight attendant for 17 years, Chaffee said she got the idea for the clothing about two years ago when a passenger came aboard wearing a shirt that said, “Nice rack.” Call it negative inspiration: “I thought to myself, ‘Is that the best thing she could have worn that day?’ ” Chaffee said. “Where are our young women coming from that they wouldn’t value themselves more than that?”

Her daughters, Brittany, 19, and Madison, 11, provided the positive inspiration. “I want a nice life for them,” Chaffee said. And the girls will help their mother decide where to donate the profits from the fledgling business—when there are profits. So far Chaffee has sold about 100 shirts, and, she said, the production costs have “chewed up” the money brought in.

Several local boutiques carry the shirts and caps, but one shop owner told Chaffee, “I can’t carry anything religious.”

“I want to be proud of my faith,” Chaffee said. “I left wondering why I have to defend saying that.”


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