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LWR continues fair-trade initiatives

These Ghanaian cocoa farmers, part
These Ghanaian cocoa farmers, part owners of the Divine Chocolate Corporation, reap multiple benefits from sales of their fair-trade chocolate.
For years Lutheran World Relief has promoted fair-trade products, including coffee, chocolate and handcrafts. Now it has a new initiative to continue to strengthen the movement.

As part of its Chocolate Project, LWR has become an investor in the Divine Chocolate Corporation, a U.S.-based, fair-trade company that is owned, in part, by Ghanaian cocoa farmers who receive a fair share of profits from the sale of Divine Chocolate bars.

In addition, LWR has supported Ethiopia’s bid for ownership of the Sidamo, Harar and Yirgacheffe specialty coffee names. Trademarking and controlling the use of these names can strengthen Ethiopia’s negotiating position with foreign buyers, capture a larger share of the market, and enable farmers to receive a greater share of the retail price, allowing the country’s coffee industry and farmers to earn an estimated $88 million extra per year, LWR states.


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