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Franklin Drewes Fry dies

Franklin Drewes Fry, 78, former member of the ELCA Church Council, died Nov. 5 of leukemia in Summit, N.J.

Fry served on numerous churchwide boards and committees in the ELCA and in the former Lutheran Church in America. When preparations began for what would become the ELCA, Fry was elected as one of the LCA’s representatives on the Commission for a New Lutheran Church.

Congregations he served include St. Philip Lutheran, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Christ Lutheran, York, Pa.; and St. John Lutheran, Summit. He retired from parish ministry in 1996.

Fry received his master of divinity degree from the Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia, where he later served on various boards and committees.

“Dr. Fry had a profound sense of the responsibilities of pastoral ministry,” said Lowell Almen, ELCA secretary. “He served conscientiously with strength and compassion. He always saw his service as pastor within the context of the whole church, both in terms of tradition and mission. He also demonstrated constantly a sense of delight in the unbounded dimensions of God’s grace."


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