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Council pushes forward on 'Read the Bible'

The ELCA Church Council has asked for a report, recommendations and expenditure plan for the proposed initiative, “Book of Faith: Lutherans Read the Bible.”

Details of the initiative are to be presented at the council’s April 2007 meeting. The council is expected to transmit a proposal about the initiative to the 2007 Churchwide Assembly.

The council, meeting Nov. 11-13 in Chicago, assigned direction of the effort to the Office of the Presiding Bishop, with program implementation to be carried out by the Vocation and Education unit.

The anticipated five-year program grew out of a resolution from the North Carolina Synod, “Faithful Conversations about Scripture,” which was adopted by the 2005 Churchwide Assembly.

“Book of Faith” is expected “to help ELCA members draw more fully on Lutheran understandings of the word and the Bible,” according to background information presented to the council.

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