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And the winners are

Back in September, The Lutheran asked readers to contribute to a survey on what cover stories you’d like to read in 2007. We pledged to do our best to tackle the top 10 from a list of 25, allowing for editorial discretion.

The top five were runaway winners, clearly separating themselves from the rest of the list. Next came a group of stories bunched in the middle of the results, with the balance of ideas ripe for serious treatment as shorter articles throughout the year.

One top vote-getter, however, will be the source of a number of continuing stories as the ELCA pushes forward with a denominationwide program on how Lutherans read the Bible.

So, here are the winners, in descending order:

• What Lutherans share, and don’t, with “mainliners” and fundamentalists.

• Differences, similarities of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

• The source, meaning and evolution of the liturgy.

• How Luther and Lutherans read the Bible.

• Luther’s 95 theses today.

• What it means to be a Lutheran.

• Living well spiritually, emotionally, physically.

• Education issues at our colleges and seminaries.

• Faith on the line at work.

• Jesus and “the kingdom of God.”

• Faith, health-care decisions at start, end of life.

Not on the list, but certain to be a cover story, is the Churchwide Assembly this coming August. Thank you for your input—it promises to be an exciting year.


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