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Kairos community rallies for change

What began in Seattle has not stayed in Seattle.

Every day names are added to the Kairos community’s statement of confession that was drafted primarily by ELCA leaders living in the Northwest. Kairos organizers and others took their message to the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building in Seattle on Nov. 1. They believe U.S. foreign policy is at odds with Christian beliefs about living peaceable lives, loving and praying for enemies, and seeking justice.

“The Kairos community represents an alternative Christian voice widely present in our churches but only faintly heard outside them,” Mia J. Baumgartner, an ELCA pastor and one of the organizers, said at the rally press conference. “We can no longer be silent.”

More than 300 clergy, lay leaders and ethicists signed the statement (www.kairosaction.org), which addresses war, poverty, human rights concerns and environental issues. M


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