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"Whoever has two coats ..."

“In reply he said to them, ‘Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none; and whoever has food must do likewise’ ” (Luke 3:11).

Two months ago I was in Egypt. It was 80 degrees outside and Christmas seemed very far off.

Nur Ahmed Fira (left) and another student at the St. Andrew Refugee Ministry in Cairo play soccer during a physical education class.
As I watched children, some barefoot, play soccer in a sunny courtyard, it was hard to imagine that the weather gets cold enough to require a coat. But it does, and for hundreds of Sudanese refugee children living temporarily in Cairo, a blanket or coat is too expensive for their families to provide.

“If you ask a child whether he has a coat, he’ll say ‘yes,’ ” said Richard Allhusen, director of the St. Andrew Refugee Ministry in Cairo. “But he may not wear it the next day, or the next, because he’s sharing it with his brothers and sisters.”

Each week the ministry provides classes for 200 children and 700 adults, as well as sewing, woodworking and painting workshops.

Teachers and staff help identify schoolchildren who need clothing or jackets and families who need furniture. Often, college students returning home from a study-abroad sojourn in Cairo will donate housewares, furniture and clothing they no longer need.

At Christmas each child receives a blanket, and Allhusen said the ministry keeps extras available in case a child asks for one for a brother or sister.

For women with an interest in sewing, the ministry provides a drop-in workshop where Aisha Abdul teaches them to design outfits from start to finish. They begin by drawing their patterns and go home with a modest tunic-and-skirt set. Making their clothing helps them save money, as well as teaches a valuable skill they can, in turn, use to make an income.

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