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'Christmas in the Old Church'

Singsaas Lutheran, a historic South Dakota congregation near Hendricks, Minn., released Christmas in the Old Church. The CD was recorded at Singsaas on an 85-degree day in June, presenting a challenge for the musicians, singers and residents who donned festive clothing for the occasion.

One of the recordings includes a full congregation singing Christmas hymns. Singers were recruited through advertising in local papers, church bulletins and word-of-mouth. “And even though the recording day was hot—and even hotter inside this old country church—many people showed up to sing,” member Haley Nelson said.

The CD reflects Singsaas’ Christmas program, which has taken place over the last 78 years. “Much research was done on Lutheran churches, prairie churches and the music that goes along with that, and we couldn’t find anything like this that had been done before,” Nelson said.

CD profits will support global mission and local charities, as well as the general upkeep of the 130-year-old church, which was founded by immigrants from Singsaas, Norway, and was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places.


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