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The Emerging Church, Emerging Worship and "U2charist"

This column will lift up trends in worship beyond regular “Lutheran” circles. Books, Web pages and events will be passed on to fuel your creativity in worship.

Beginning point ... Dan Kimball has written two of the definitive books on postmodern worship, The Emerging Church and Emerging Worship. Use these books and resources at Vintage Faith with your worship team.

Experiential worship ... Postmodern worship is multisensory, tech-friendly and surrounded with the sounds of current music. A common experience of U2 fans is that their concerts are like going to church. One response to this has been the development of the “U2charist,” the merging of a traditional Anglican communion liturgy with songs by U2 as the service music. Beginning in New York with the Rev. Paige Blair (Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation), congregations of many denominations have used this service of global concern to reach postmoderns. If Martin Luther could use bar tunes, why not U2?


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