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Praying through Advent

“The advent of our God
Shall be our theme for prayer;
Come, let us meet him on the road
And place for him prepare” (Lutheran Book of Worship, 22).

Advent is a rich time for prayer. It invites us to pause, to wait, to be still—the stance for much prayer anyway. We can take our cues from this first hymn in the Lutheran Book of Worship and make Christ’s coming the theme for prayer. Our prayers can help us meet him and prepare a place for him.

How do we do this? There are several ways. What works for you may not be the best for another.

• Advent hymns, like the one above, are a good way to begin quiet time and prayer. Read a verse or two, reflect on the images and let that lead to your prayer content. One phrase from a hymn can provide yeast for a full measure of prayer and reflection time.

• The lectionary during Advent can shape your prayer life. It’s helpful to read the lessons for the coming Sunday as your daily meditation. You might read a small portion each day. Or read the entire Gospel lesson daily, observing which phrases jump out at you on a particular day and praying with whatever that suggests for you.

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