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Evangelism tips

A song and a prayer comes recommended by Paul L. Conrad, a retired ELCA pastor living in Winston-Salem, N.C. During his active ministry, he called church members every year on their birthdays and sang “Happy Birthday” to them and prayed with them. Ensuing conversations “gave me an opportunity to relate that their church cared about them, perhaps more than they ever thought,” he said. Contact Conrad by email.

Invite people, it’s that simple, said Joanna Norris Grimshaw, pastor of Faith Lutheran Church, Gardner, Mass. She cited a study that shows more than 85 percent of newcomers go to a church because someone asked them to come. “The most effective evangelism tip by far that the ELCA will ever know and that The Lutheran can ever print is ... come and see,” she said. “It usually takes at least three invitations, but that is what works.” Contact Grimshaw at 978-632-2271.

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