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Farewell and hello

Columnists, articles change with year's end

This month we say hello to two new columnists and goodbye to two others, while anticipating the arrival in January of further changes.

The current issue marks the conclusion of Martha E. Stortz’s tenure at the helm of the page 6 “Our faith” column. With “The fruits of the Spirit,” she thoroughly and passionately probed the nine “Christian virtues” Paul lists in Galatians 5:22-23, and challenged us to hold them as “Christian habits of the heart.” Martha, we are in your debt.

In January, Stephen G. Marsh, assistant to the bishop in the Southeast Michigan Synod, picks up the “Our faith” mantle for one year. Titled “Acting Out of Acts 2,” his column will be grounded in Scripture as well as the lived experience of our ELCA members.

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