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Pastor's book ad draws fire

Readers say author's view of homosexuality myopic

The September issue carried a full-page advertisement for David Glesne’s book Understanding Homosexuality: Perspectives for the Local Church. This book comes at the reader like an old softball but quickly turns into a homemade hand grenade disguised as pastoral care for the “suffering homosexual” and “confused Christian.” How is allowing an advertisement for such a book, which names faithful gay and lesbian members of the ELCA as a threat to the church, the family and society, “living together faithfully in the midst of our disagreements”? It’s just not.

Emily Eastwood, executive director, Lutherans Concerned/North America
St. Paul, Minn.

Author misrepresents self

Glesne misrepresents himself and his message, which is anti-gay and anti-gospel. In the past, The Lutheran has run ads for The Lutheran Network for Inclusive Vision and other pro-gay organizations working for full inclusion in the ELCA, but those groups didn’t misrepresent themselves or their message.

Katherine W. Hellier
Portland, Ore.

In the trash

I was stunned that not only was a book full of hate sent to me but that an ELCA congregation sponsored the sending of it to every ELCA pastor, including retired clergy. I did what should have been done with the book in the first place: threw it away. Quoting a bumper sticker I saw: “I believe in the separation of church and hate.” It’s time to start practicing this theology of grace.

John W. Stevens
Juneau, Alaska

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