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Dramatic experiences

Youth send a message through plays, musical

When the Drama Club at Zion Lutheran Church, Manheim, Pa., learned about the people of Nicaragua and the challenges they face—especially the children, they asked how they could help.

Cammie Johanning (left) and Alli Breneman
Cammie Johanning (left) and Alli Breneman prepare to act out a monologue read by Mika Cook (right). To share what they learned about life in Nicaragua, the Drama Club of Zion Lutheran, Manheim, Pa., wrote skits that they performed for the congregation.
The answer: an evening of food, drama and shopping.

The event began with a dinner for the congregation that included such Nicaraguan foods as mangos, papayas, riceand beans in tortillas, and a flour milkcake.

Then the drama began. The club created skits depicting four children of Nicaragua and four themes: home life; living through Hurricane Mitch, which hit Nicaragua in October 1998; school; and church.

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