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Bread rising

Environmentalist mixes faith with organic flour

A glance at Sara Spoonheim’s resume suggests a typically Lutheran success story: Raised a pastor’s kid, she is a seminary graduate who works for a nonprofit organization and serves on her church council. But there is nothing typical about the woman who, at 33, is recognized as one of the 20 most promising leaders in the nation by the Environmental Leadership Program.

Her latest endeavor was marketing organic bread, under the label The Good Loaf, at four Chicago farmers’ markets this summer. It started as an idea for a fundraiser for Faith in Place, an interfaith organization that partners with 150 city congregations to promote clean energy and sustainable farming.

The Good Loaf also offers organic communion bread, which is made with organic barley flour and has a touch of honey from local bees “as a foretaste of the land of milk and honey.” It’s baked at Kendall College, a Chicago culinary arts school.

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