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The Lutheran's circulation challenges

What's the problem?

I appreciate the editor’s comments in “Circulation tales” (August). Of the reasons you cite, the one that concerns me is what you call “splendid isolation.” Good term. This is analogous to the concept of church/liturgy as sanctuary, a retreat from the world in total contradiction to Christ’s command. It’s an idea I’ve fought in my ministry as music/liturgy director for years. It also concerns me as it seems to reinforce an increasing congregationalism among Lutherans. While I admit I don’t always read it cover to cover, [The Lutheran] helps me keep aware that we are part of the larger body of Christ and not just our parish. You remind me, too, to include offering envelopes for The Lutheran in our weekly liturgy folder to help defray the costs. Thanks to you and the magazine staff.

Randall Rice
Roxbury, Mass.

Wish for conciliatory letters

My parents before me and now my wife and I have all been readers of The Lutheran or its predecessors for some 80 years or more (I’m 91). We look forward to each issue, which I read completely—including the letters, some of which I wish could be a little more conciliatory. Editor Daniel J. Lehmann hit every nail on the head with his well-phrased comments in August.

Martin A. Gilman
Lexington, Mass.

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