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What's for lunch?

A day at school, for youngsters in one Honduras village

Ronald Hicks was in the middle of a solo motorcycle ride through Central America. He was in El Amatillo, near the El Salvador border, when a girl named Anabel cautiously approached him, hoping for some money. Hicks handed her a few dimes and went on his way. Three weeks later, back home in Montgomery, Ala., the member of Messiah Lutheran Church was unable to forget the little girl.

Hicks returned to El Amatillo, planning to find ways to help Anabel. Instead, his desire to assist one girl has, in three years, grown into the program Lunches for Learning, which this year will provide a meal a day for the entire school year for 1,000 children at 10 schools.

Lunches for Learning was born out of a question asked him by a volunteer translator during his return trip to the town. “He asked me, ‘What did you come here for?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ We just sat there for a few minutes thinking,” Hicks recalled.

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