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It's important to Lutheran worship

The publication of Evangelical Lutheran Worship and the celebration of Reformation Day prompt me to ponder being Lutheran. What makes our worship Lutheran?

We use gracious, life-giving signs and strong, clear words. Saying and doing the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and sacraments, our words, signs, symbols and gestures are profound and beautiful.

There is a fourfold shape to our worship: the gathering of the assembly, a central focus on the word of God read from Scripture and proclaimed in sermon or homily, the importance of table fellowship with Christ and with his people in the meal, and a sending into the world for continued service.

But our worship isn’t only about God—it’s also about our lives and our world in light of God. Our worship judges our lack of justice, our abuse of creation, our neglect of service to others. It prompts us to new considerations of what it means to be the body of Christ in the world.

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