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Google view an ELCA video or post your own

Now playing on computer screens—a performance by an Indonesian dance troupe, a how-to on making a prayer scrapbook, a visit to a Tanzanian fish farm. They’re all ELCA stories and all available when you go to Google Video and type “ELCA” in the search box.

The free service allows computer users to view videos and download and upload them too. The ELCA has posted more than 60 videos since June, said Tim Frakes, associate director for public media. They’ve been viewed more than 36,000 times.

This video distribution system allows congregations to distribute their videos and target their audiences “in a way that they have never been able to do before,” Frakes said.

Google Video restricts the posting of pornographic and violent videos, but the Web is an uncensored public marketplace. “You can’t be shocked by that,” he said. “In fact you need to celebrate it. That’s what Jesus did. He went to where people needed to hear the gospel, and this is a way we can do that more effectively than we have in a long, long time.”


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