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Pumpkins aplenty

Pumpkins, squash, beans, green peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and more vegetables grown in the 65-by-65-foot garden of St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Racine, Wis., provide a bountiful harvest for a local food bank. Members also tend flowers, which they deliver to neighbors and those who are ill, homebound or in nursing homes.

“You wouldn’t believe the size of our pumpkins,” said Mark Trinklein, who heads up the garden work. He attributes that to organic fertilizer—more than 270 bags of leaves that parishioners gathered and worked into the soil last year. “God gave us so much we have to share,” he said.

Members and vacation Bible school participants also tend the garden. Trinklein says it’s important to give volunteers strong directives. For example, a sign-off chart shows what’s been watered or weeded, as well as which crops are ripe for picking. To explore ways your congregation can become “green,” visit Web of Creation.


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