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We need to talk about dissent

Martin Luther did

Your July issue is simply one of your best. With your articles regarding various dissensions ("A history of dissent," "A theology of dissent," "It's about Scripture," "Why they stay ... or leave"), you dared to touch the heart of the discontent that infects the ELCA. You may not have changed any minds, but you gave the church the opportunity and permission to contemplate, discuss and, perhaps by the grace of God, resolve some divisions that impede the proclamation of the gospel.

Rod Broding
Battle Lake, Minn.

Pack up toys

Thank you for pointing out in the July study guide that Martin Luther didn’t pack up his toys and leave but was willing to stay, debate and try to work things out. He was kicked out instead. Too many people don’t understand this important point. They use his “Here I stand” as justification for leaving rather than doing the hard work of listening to others and constructively dealing with the inevitable conflict and misunderstanding that we’ll have as long as we see with human eyes.

Keith E. Gatling
Syracuse, N.Y.

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