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School blessing

This year's Sunday school is off to a humorous start.

Jeff Hansen, pastor of Immanuel (Canova) and Salem (Salem) Lutheran churches in South Dakota, leads a service to bless the teachers, students and parents of the parish each August as school is about to begin. Last year he prayed that the teachers would be “a light to their students.” Better than the previous year, when he prayed that teachers would be “a blight to their students.”

Cindy Hansen
Salem, S.D.

We understand you're trying to save
“We understand you’re trying to save time, but please don’t encourage your children to wear their soccer cleats to church.”
Interesting job description

Our grandson watched with interest as our pastor incorporated the use of a yo-yo into the children’s sermon. The following week I asked Max what he wanted to be when he grows up: fireman, policeman .... “How about a pastor?” I asked. “Oh, no,” he said, “I don’t know how to work a yo-yo!”

Ed and Judy Lichtenhagen
Flat Rock, N.C.

Serious usher training

After attending worship at Lutheran Southern Seminary, Columbia, S.C., I showed my children the new student housing and suggested they might live there if they attend seminary. My daughter thought she might attend seminary to be a teacher. My son thought he might attend seminary too. To be a pastor? “No,” he said, “To be an usher.”

James Laurence
West Columbia, S.C.

Sing me there!

While driving my grandsons Vince, 8, and Alex, 6, to their church, I asked them to watch that I made the correct turns because “when it comes to finding my way around your town, I’m really in the dark.” Alex began singing, “My God is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” When he sang it again, I joined in—tearfully. The third time, his big brother joined in and we sang all the way to church (which I found with no trouble). I saw where they learned the song when they went up for the children’s sermon. A candle was lit and all the children sang it together. What a wonderful grandma moment!

Nancy Rogers
Midland, Mich.

If you want volunteers, avoid the
“If you want volunteers, avoid the word ‘committee.’ Scares them off. Try ‘club.’ ”
Teaching recycling

My grandson, Drew, and his mom, Tracy, moved into a house with a big backyard. After running around, appreciating the expansiveness of it all, he said, “I want us to plant two trees—one for a tire swing and one for paper.”

Sharron Kick
Friday Harbor, Wash.

I asked my 5-year-old grandson who he is learning about while studying the Bible at parochial school. “Jesus and the recycles!” he replied. “Recycles?” I asked. He said: “You know, Granddaddy—Peter, James, John—those recycles!” I assured him that those fellows are called “disciples” but that his retired pastor grandfather now serving an interim pastorate is indeed one of Jesus’ “recycles.”

Bill B. Mims
Newton, N.C.


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