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An eye-opening visit

Nebraska teen & Palestinian guests find similarities & differences

Editor's note: Marica Wright’s family hosted two members of the Al Raja Folkloric Dance Troupe this summer. Marica, 15, wrote about the visit in her church newsletter at Lord of Love Lutheran, Omaha, Neb. It is excerpted here.

My mom informed me that we would have two Muslim girls staying at our house for two days this summer—Jafra Abdellatif Ata Aqel, 16, and Razon Ibrahim Yassin Najjar, 15.

We attended the group’s performance—a whirl of motion, color and sound in a Palestinian folkloric dance. It certainly wasn’t the clothing or dancing I was used to, but I really appreciated and enjoyed it. Their joy for and celebration of life, even though theirs is constantly threatened in their homeland, touched me and opened my eyes to the peace in my life that I take for granted.

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