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Knit Wits with a 'K'

So you think knitting is only for mature women? In Lindsborg, Kan., Bethany College’s Knit Wits beg to differ.

An intergenerational service group that meets every Friday on campus, these knitters range in age from 8-year-olds to lifelong knitters. Joyce Englund, head Knit Wit, has been knitting for more than 65 years. The group’s name came from her business, Knit Wit Enterprises. “It’s funny as long as you remember to put the ‘K’ in,” she said.

Last year the Knit Wits made more than 300 knitted and crocheted bandages for people in need. They sent these to Global Health Ministries in Minneapolis to be distributed in countries where patients suffer from slow-healing open sores and ulcers. Members also make sweaters, prayer shawls and “chemo caps” for cancer patients.

Bethany Campus Pastor Noni Strand, who helped start the group in 1998, said older Knit Wits are models of community, support and charity. “People like the idea of creating something to give,” she said. “It’s a tangible way to use their skills to help.”


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