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Stephen Talmage
Elected: Stephen Talmage, 47, as bishop of the Grand Canyon Synod, effective Aug. 1.

When: May 26, on the fifth ballot, 204-126 over Steven A. Holm, pastor of Desert Cross Lutheran Church, Tempe, Ariz.

Bio: Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church, Peoria, Ariz. Graduate of Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa. Previously served as pastor of American Lutheran Church, Tucson, Ariz.

Replaces: Michael Neils, who resigned in January as bishop and as an ELCA pastor.


David deFreese, 51, bishop of the Nebraska Synod, June 2, on the first ballot, with 603 of 757 votes.

Margaret Payne, 59, bishop of the New England Synod, June 8, on the first ballot with 365 of 434 votes.

Warren Freiheit, 58, bishop of the Central/Southern Illinois Synod, June 9, on the first ballot, with 294 of 385 votes.

James A. Justman, 50, bishop of the East-Central Synod of Wisconsin, June 10, on the fourth ballot, with 261 of 400 votes.

H. Gerard Knoche, 63, bishop of the Delaware-Maryland Synod, June 2, on the second ballot, with 342 of 456 votes.


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