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The buzz about Lutheran blogs

An estimated 32 million Americans read blogs, semi-anonymous online journals.

Enter bloggers who write about life in the ELCA. There’s a Wisconsin pastor, a lectionary-loving laywoman in Michigan, and a missionary in the United Kingdom.

Sociologist Lorne Dawson of the University of Waterloo (Ontario) said blogs also represent a haven for dissent within denominations. A blog by “Shrimp” represents “one pastor’s attempt to fight antinomianism” (the belief that faith alone is necessary to salvation) and aims to “call the ELCA back to Sola Scriptura (God’s word alone).”

“The critics, the ex-members … are thriving online because this is giving them a voice so much more powerful than they would have ever had before,” Dawson said.

The blogosphere is also home to Lutheran institutions. The Lutheran has one. An ELCA delegation to India, which included The Lutheran staffer Andrea Pohlmann, kept a blog travelogue. And Andrew Genszler of the ELCA Washington Office kept a blog when he toured areas affected by last year’s hurricanes.


R. Dennis Porch

R. Dennis Porch

Posted at 6:47 pm (U.S. Eastern) 8/30/2007

I am searching for Christ and can not find HIM in the religion that I was brought in. They teach so much about reward and punnishment that they seem to have lost Christ in His gospels. I am looking to see if it is different with you Lutherans.



Posted at 6:44 pm (U.S. Eastern) 12/16/2007

It's nothing less than shocking that the article above defines antinomianism as "the belief that faith alone is necessary for salvation."

Er... that's called the Gospel, aka justification by grace, for Christ's sake, through faith.

 Antinomianism is the false teaching, roundly condemned by Luther, that justifying faith can even exist without a determination to live in such a way as is pleasing to God- not out of fear, but out of gratitude. That particular false teaching is rather common in the ELCA, and that the word could be defined by the ELCA's official publication inthe way this article defines it is a pretty damning indictment.

Bob Waters

Bob Waters

Posted at 5:20 pm (U.S. Eastern) 12/17/2007

Mr. Porsch, do not make the mistake of regarding the ELCA and Lutheranism as identical!



Posted at 6:25 pm (U.S. Eastern) 6/11/2009

Bob Waters is right about the Anti-Nomian heresy (false doctrine).  What good is Grace if a sinner does not first recognize his / her sinfulness and need for a Savior? 

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