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Care for caregivers

Wish your congregation could do something for those caring for elderly parents or an ailing spouse? Or for the parent of a child with special needs? The Lutheran Deaconess Association offers Caring for the Caregiver, which guides a congregation through a process to identify and support those caring for others.

Caring for the Caregiver helps congregations “affirm the sacredness of caregiving.” The resource includes a survey of the congregation to identify the needs of its caregivers, instructions for creating a resource directory and ways to keep parishioners involved.

Devotions, surveys and a bibliography come printed and in .doc format on a CD for easy reproduction.

Single copies are $39.95, plus $5.50 shipping and handling. Congregations are encouraged to photocopy the book or order additional copies for $25. Download an order form or call 219-464-6925.


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