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Seminary to develop health education for Namibian clergy

Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa, announced May 9 that it received a $40,000 Wheat Ridge Ministries grant to develop health programming that helps leaders in Namibia address AIDS and other health issues moreeffectively.

The two-year “Wartburg-Namibia Religions Health Program” will offer indigenous leaders—including graduates of Wartburg Seminary who will serve in Africa—education in behavioral health and medical model interventions.

Seminary President Duane Larson called the grant “a wonderful first step” in equipping pastoral leaders. He added: “More people, especially young women, will know lives of dignity, and—on the systemic level—a database will be begun that will help the church ably to partner with medical and social service sectors in Namibia.”


Magdalena Ya-Shalongo

Magdalena Ya-Shalongo

Posted at 4:36 pm (U.S. Eastern) 1/24/2008

although i gotthisinfirmation late, I just wantto inform you that I am interested on research on relogious leaders who are personally inffected or inffected.

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