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AFP eye on new resources, sales growth

Augsburg Fortress, the publishing ministry of the ELCA, at a recent board meeting announced a focus on three areas in 2006—launching Evangelical Lutheran Worship, resources that includes a worship book; starting Akaloo, a faith-formation resource for all ages (June, "Are you ready to Akaloo"); and sustaining positive business momentum from 2005.

Evangelical Lutheran Worship is reaching the end of its initial phase with the delivery of a primary worship book on Oct. 3. A preview kit was sent to every ELCA congregation.

A Web-based resource, Akaloo focuses on lifelong faith formation in congregations. It includes online tools, plus music and video materials. Its name is taken from Akolouthein, the Greek verb “to follow.”

Augsburg Fortress ended 2005 with sales exceeding goals by $2 million. Overall, it posted a $450,000 loss, largely the result of adjustments to its retirement plan. For the first quarter of 2006, the company was ahead of its sales forecast by some $80,000. It budgeted for a first-quarter operating loss of $1.2 million, but its actual operating loss was $813,000.


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