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The power of two ... plus prayer

Abby and Belle Carlsen were at the top of many prayer lists as they underwent surgery to be separated from one another May 12. Here, they received kisses from their parents, Amy and Jesse Carlsen, before surgery.

The Fargo [N.D] Forum Web site updated its coverage throughout surgery day, when it received some 12,000 hits, said reporter Erin Froslie. “I have yet to meet anybody who isn’t fascinated by this story,” she said. “I can only guess that articulate, thoughtful parents combined with beautiful babies and a positive outcome are the perfect recipe for the feel-good story of the year.”

Born in late November, Abby and Belle were connected from mid-chest to navel and shared several organs. Their surgery was called both successful and a “miracle,” and they were expected to go home by mid-June. The Carlsens are members of St. John Lutheran Church, Fargo. “When congregants gather together for anything, [the twins are] the first topic of conversation,” said Jon Yarger, a pastor of St. John.

This article previously included a photo, which has been removed to fulfill our agreement with the photographer.


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