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Claire S. Burkat
Elected: Claire S. Burkat, 54, as bishop, Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod, effective July 1.

When: May 6, on the fifth ballot, 307-252 over Cynthia Krommes, a pastor of St. John Lutheran Church, Phoenixville, Pa.

Bio: Mission director for the synod and the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. (Both positions are responsible for planting new congregations and transforming existing ones.) Served Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Abingdon, Pa., before becoming an assistant to three synod bishops. Graduate of the Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia.

Replaces: Roy G. Almquist, who is retiring.

Michael Keys
Elected:  Michael Keys, 52, as bishop, Alaska Synod, effective Aug. 1.

When: May 6, on the fifth ballot, 57-47 over Larry Jorgensen, pastor of Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, Anchorage.

Bio: Pastor of Central Lutheran Church, Anchorage. Gradute of Pacific Lutheran Seminary, Berkeley, Calif. Served as pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Gresham, Ore. Served earlier calls as a layperson directing youth & family and adult formation & education ministries.

Replaces: Ron Martinson, who is retiring.


• Kevin S. Kanouse, 52, bishop of the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod, April 28, on the first ballot, with 252 of 285 votes.

• Allan Bjornberg, 58, bishop of the Rocky Mountain Synod, April 29, on the third ballot, with 313 of 452 votes.

• Floyd Schoenhals, 66, bishop of the Arkansas/Oklahoma Synod, on the first ballot, with 112 of 133 votes.

• Ray Tiemann, 53, bishop of the Southwestern Texas Synod, on the third ballot, with 327 of 461 votes.


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