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Peter Mayer primer

When Peter Mayer’s not on spring and summer tours with his boss, Jimmy Buffett, he writes and performs with the Peter Mayer Group.

Mayer’s group includes fellow Coral Reefers drummer Roger Guth; his brother, Jim Mayer, electric and upright acoustic bass; guitarist Vince Varvel; and percussionist Scott Bryan.

From coffeehouses and outdoor amphitheaters to bars and Lutheran churches, Mayer’s band tours in the winter months, promoting their music and sharing their faith. During the holidays, they tour with a popular, multicultural concert program that culls carols and contemporary songs from their Stars and Promises Christmas CD.

Mayer’s latest non-Christmas CD is the critically acclaimed Musicbox, which pairs poignant lyrics with infectious melodic hooks and jazzy instrumentals.

Stylistically, Mayer’s mellow tenor voice has been compared to Michael Franks, while his virtuoso guitar work brings to mind the ethereal phrasings of Pat Metheny. Global beats enhance the band’s vibrant, sunny pop-rock sound, which is reminiscent of Paul Simon and Sting.

Mayer records for Little Flock Music, the independent record company he founded in 1999, which he named after his Lutheran missionary father’s favorite hymn Fear Not, O Little Flock.

For more information, go to www.littleflockmusic.com. For details on Mayer’s touring schedule and links to fan club contacts, see www.petermayer.com. For tour dates and news on Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band, visit www.margaritaville.com.


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