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Classified ads expanded

The Lutheran accepts paid obituaries, announcements

The Lutheran is broadening opportunities for classified advertising. In addition to church positions, vocations, travel and the like, the magazine will also accept paid obituaries, announcements, birthdays and anniversaries.

To make costs easier to calculate, the rate for word-alone classified ads will be charged at 50 cents (U.S.) per character (minimum 150 characters including punctuation and spaces). You may determine cost by composing an ad in a program such as Word, clicking on “Tools,” then “Word Count” (characters with spaces is included in the results) and multiply by .50.

All other advertising rates of the magazine, including classified display rates, remain unchanged.

An example of a paid obituary is below. (It is a real obituary, used with permission.) It is 1,015 characters with punctuation and spaces, so the cost would be $507.50. Photographs (in either .jpg or .tiff formats at 300 DPI) are $50.

An additional fee of $150 applies for announcements posted at www.thelutheran.org as well as published in The Lutheran.

The magazine will continue to publish free-of-charge death notices of rostered ELCA leaders.

The Lutheran is a self-sustaining unit of the ELCA. The magazine receives no funds from the denomination. It relies entirely on circulation and advertising revenue. For more information, contact The Lutheran at advertising@thelutheran.org or (800) 638-3522, Ext. 2540.


INSLEE, Robert Ray—a renowned architect and long-time member of First Lutheran Church in Glendale, Calif., died Thursday, April 27, at the age of 95. Inslee designed 372 churches, 60 residential homes, 51 schools, seven youth camps, four medical facilities, and California Lutheran Homes. His last major project was Samuelson Chapel, on the campus of California Lutheran University, when he was in 80s. In Glendale, Calif., in 1955, Inslee was involved in the rehabilitation of the Civic Auditorium, nine of the schools and 15 churches, including First Lutheran Church (where the Synod Offices are housed), for which he received the Church Architectural Guild of America Award. He was also a teacher at Hoover High School and Glendale Community College. Inslee is survived by his two daughters, Regina (Mrs. Paul Ingram) and Rosemary (Mrs. Howard Stevens), and four grandchildren. His wife of 44 years, Ruth, died in 1979. His funeral was May 4, 2006, at First Lutheran Church, 1300 E. Colorado St., Glendale, Calif.


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