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Torn cartilage in Corinth

It was the seventh Sunday of Easter, a beautiful day, and I was amid the ruins of ancient Corinth. My spirit was pouting, though, because just before embarking on my dream trip to Greece and Turkey, the cartilage in my right knee tore and pain limited my explorations of the ancient sites.

Sitting on a park bench to rest my knee, I found myself thinking about those early Christian Corinthians and how difficult it must have been for them to live as a minority in the culture of which they had so recently been a full part. I thought about their questions of Paul on how to be the church. I thought about their arguments and quarrels with each other and wondered if we have ever gotten beyond quarreling.

Then I heard singing coming from across the way. Picking my way between the fallen marble with my cane, I found Spanish pilgrims celebrating the mass in a ruined building. They were using one of the marble blocks as an altar. I sat down at a discreet distance where I could see and hear, but not intrude.

My heart soared when the bread and wine were lifted up because I knew that the words being said—“This is my body, this is my blood. Do this for the remembrance of me”—were the same words Paul gave the Corinthian church so they could celebrate the Lord’s Supper in a holy way. I knew, too, that in thousands of places around the world that Sunday, believers were lifting the bread and the wine and saying the same words. My spirit wasn’t able to pout any longer. I sang with them their song of thanksgiving: Gracias, Senor, gracias, Senor, gracias, Senor.

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