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Bearing the mark of Christ

Intentional prayer, discussion a start

Two recent experiences caused me to ponder how it is that I share with others that I am a Christian.

Early in the day I went with our granddaughter to a playground. There I saw joyful children climbing, swinging, jumping and running. One would think that many children in such a confined space would have resulted in shoving, arguing and crying. Not so. The children of Muslim moms, Spanish-speaking dads, Polish grandparents and African American parents were sharing the space with respect, care and absolute delight.

It became for me a brief moment of ecstasy, to stand outside of myself and behold something of wonder. Yes, in all the particularities of our identities we are called to find ways to live together in harmony. I bring my identity as a Christian to a shared humanity with others. Together we are called to care for and share the spaces, places and resources of one creation. A Chicago playground provided a glimpse of such unity within diversity.

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