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April 2004 Letters

Peter Kjeseth is to be commended for bringing deep insight into the issues of the rich and poor in our society (February). It was a long time coming. But his article is flawed by the failure to connect Luke 6:24-26 with Matthew 19:22 and 1 Corinthians 1:26-31. The poor aren't blessed since we may be moved to help them but because having little, they must trust in God to help. The rich are too easily led to trust in other things than God. We do need to work for change in society — but first every Christian must seek to be salt of the earth by living a simple life like the poor and like Jesus, who had nowhere to lay his head.

Lester F. Polenz
Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Must we all wear sackcloth and sit in ashes to be good Christians? Is success a sin?
Bill Toedebusch
Richmond, Ind.

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