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Hamiltons for hunger - no kidding

When Harold Hamilton, a member of Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Lincoln, Neb., learned that the 2006 ELCA Youth Gathering was collecting “Hamiltons for Hunger” (April, page 9) he wrote to the organizers: “I’m an 83-year-old retired ELCA pastor who still has a heart for the youth .... Is it possible to be a participant in abstentia?” Hamilton enclosed a $300 check­­—“three $10 bills for [each of his] 10 grandchildren,” eight of whom are shown with their grandpa: Ethan (left), Nick, Jonah, Nicole, Jessa, Gretchen, Matt and Garth.

Hamilton is a supporter of the ELCA World Hunger Appeal, which will receive the $10 donations youth will bring to the gathering. For two years he has bought food and, with the help of some of his grandchildren, packaged, weighed and delivered it to local charities—5,020 pounds in 2005.


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