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Becoming part of a community

Hilary Bouknight, a member of First Lutheran Church, Greensboro, N.C., visited Costa Rica for 10 days early in 2006. Bouknight and 11 other parishioners visited the ELCA North Carolina Synod’s partner churches in Costa Rica.

“Our main project was to put a cement floor down in [a] church in Chilamate. ... We spent five days living, working and becoming part of their community. Our lives have been forever changed by the hospitality, generosity and love of a community who allowed us to become part of their family in faith,” Bouknight told The Lutheran.

Here is the reflection she wrote after the mission trip:

It’s a time of tasting;
Beans and rice made so many different ways.
Generosity of a cup of coffee made with love.
Trust to eat the fruits on the trees.
Purified water graciously brought for our health.
Tamales that are only made on very special occasions.
Food made for me from the hands of God through others.
A good life.

It is anticipation;
Where is God sending us?
What are his plans for us?
Trusting he will reveal himself to me for the task at hand.
Trusting the community will be receptive to me.
Learning how to live simply and with so much happiness.
Real living.

It is to experience;
Unconditional love from strangers.
Overflowing hospitality and grace.
God’s children opening my eyes to joy.
Receiving much more than I could give.
Walking with Jesus in the flesh where he dwells.

It is seeing;
My life transformed before my eyes.
Simplicity and the joy that surrounds it.
God’s presence so strong in the eyes of my new family.
Palaces instead of primitive homes.
A strong sense of community.

It is hearing;
Children’s laughter surrounding me.
Women’s songs from their hearts.
Pastor Roberto praising God for all they have.
Unconditional love for me as we speak from the heart.

It is occasions of scents;
Flowers of beauty and elegance.
Women cooking my meal over an outdoor stove, made with love.
Magic markers as children draw pictures for me.
Cement that has been made by hand covering the floor of the church.
The season.

It is finding;
A sought-after image,
Perfection in simplicity.
Time to sit and be.

It’s a place and a God-sent journey for;
Preserving and

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This week we announce two new opportunities for readers to share their stories with The Lutheran:

Reversing greed

How does your family stay grounded in this crazy consumer culture? For our November cover story, we’d like to know how you reverse greed in your home, especially if you have children. Send your idea (100-200 words), with your name, congregation, city and state, to Elizabeth Hunter or The Lutheran, 8765 W. Higgins Rd., Chicago, IL 60631, by Aug. 1.

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The Lutheran wins award for e-newsletter:

At an April 25 award ceremony in Orlando, Fla., the staff of The Lutheran was pleased to accept an award of merit from the Associated Church Press for this e-newsletter.

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The Lutheran magazine also won seven other awards in editorial and design categories.

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