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Council: Synod resolution conflicts with policy

Acting on a request from the Metropolitan New York Synod, the ELCA Church Council, meeting March 31-April 2 in Chicago, found that synod resolutions related to sexuality were not in concurrence with ELCA governing documents.

The synod took the actions at a special Oct. 29 assembly, after the 2005 Churchwide Assembly rejected ordination exceptions for gay and lesbian ministers.

The resolutions included calls for:

• “Restraint in the administration of those policies that address the full service of partnered gay and lesbian persons in rostered ministry.”

• Those considering any discipline “solely on account of the rostered leader’s being in a loving, committed, same-gender relationship” to also consider “how it would best serve ... mission and pastoral needs.”

After several failed amendments and a rescinded motion, the council approved a resolution conveying “gratitude” for the synod seeking its advice. Yet it said the synod’s action “contains inherently conflicting statements that may be read as being in conflict with the constitution and bylaws of this church and [policies] related to rostered ministry and candidacy for rostered ministry.”

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