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Wobbly & crazy worship

One Sunday my 6-year-old daughter declared church “boring.” I asked her why. As she explained it, it’s all that standing and singing. “The standing makes your legs wobbly and the singing makes your mouth crazy,” she said.

Sue Snyder
Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

Lowering 72-year-old pianist Edith
Lowering 72-year-old pianist Edith Norton from the ceiling may not have worked completely as planned, but it was certainly a fresh approach to worship.
I was happy our congregation, College Lutheran, Salem, Va., has a parish nurse when the lay liturgist intoned in the “Kyrie”: “For this holy house, and for all who suffer here their worship and praise.”

Bob Ward
Salem/Roanoke, Va.

One Sunday noon, I asked our kids what the Bible story was in Sunday school. Enthusiastically, 6-year-old Sam said, “Jesus was baptized in the John by Jordan!”

Ann Loeffler
Frederick, Md.

My younger son composes hymn tunes on my cell phone while waiting for me to finish at church on Sundays. I normally don’t keep my phone with me during worship, but on the Second Sunday of Easter I did. Sure enough, it rang during the prayers. So our “low Sunday” prayers were carried by “high notes” to Thine is the Glory.

William O. Schwochow
Brookville, Ohio

Six months after finishing my service as interim pastor of Peace Lutheran Church, Austin, Texas, my wife and I went back to visit. As we sat down following the sharing of the peace, Steve, the little boy in front of me, asked, “Didn’t you used to be Pastor Pegg?” He had a funny look on his face when I whispered to him, “I still am.”

Charles W. Pegg
Austin, Texas

To make the services more interesting,
“To make the services more interesting, most of the kids suggest more stories. A handful want spinning pews.”
One Sunday when my husband came to church with us, our 5-year-old daughter didn’t understand why daddy (agnostic, former Mormon) didn’t join us for communion. Knowing her daddy enjoys an occasional drink with dinner, she climbed up on his lap during the “Agnus Dei” to loudly whisper the invitation: “You should come with us, ’cause you know what? There’s wine!”

Jessica White
Rochester, N.Y.

Youthful wisdom

Our 5-year-old, Danny, woke up unusually early one morning. I told him he could go back to bed or I would go downstairs and make him breakfast. He opted to eat. He was half asleep as I carried him downstairs. As I sat him down he looked outside and said to me, “Mom, God wanted me to wake up early just to see that” as he pointed to the rising sun. I knew it was going to be a great day.

Maria Sorgen
Finchville, Ky.


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